Megan {Motherhood Session} | Watertown, SD Family Photographer

Megan + Sawyer | Motherhood Session

Motherhood is messy.
And challenging.
And crazy
And sleepless
And giving.
And stillโ€ฆ

Unbelievably beautiful.
— Rachel Martin

Wixo Family | Sioux Falls, SD Family Photographer + Filmmaker

The Wixo Family | Family Film + Photo Session

This lovely mama contacted me a few months back requesting a film + photo session for her family. We booked the session and I sent her the pre-session questionnaire (something I send to all clients who book an in-home film session - it allows me to learn more about them and what is most important to capture). I got the questionnaire back and just smiled so big. Her description of her family alone, what this meant to her, and what she wanted to capture just about brought me to tears. In that moment I again realized that this is exactly why I do what I do. To capture memories in the most meaningful way. To preserve your story, as you are right now. Because all too soon today will become yesterday... and our memories will begin to fade.

In the thick of parenting young children, the days pass by like years and the years by days. But one day we will leave the fog of young motherhood (or fatherhood) and these fleeting moments will be only a distant memory. Love and live in today. Capture today. Document today.

Thank you, Wixo Family, for the honor of capturing your story.


xo, Amber

The Wixo Family

Owen {3 days new} | Watertown, SD Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Owen | In Home Newborn Session


I'm absolutely obsessed with this sweet snuggly bug <3 Isn't he just gorgeous!? 

Big sis was excited to tell me all about him, and hold and snuggle him. Big brother was a little unsure initially, but he warmed right up. ;) Those heartwarming smiles...

One thing I absolutely love about in-home sessions, is the comfort and laid back feeling. They are so much less stressful for everyone, including baby, and an amazing way to incorporate siblings (as well as your home)! <3 If it's something you've been on the fence about, now is now. 

Enjoy baby Owen & his sweet family!

Rowe {2 days new} | Watertown, SD Fresh 48 Newborn & Family Photographer & Filmmaker

Rowe | Hospital Film + Photo Session

Just a few weeks ago, this beautiful family welcomed a sweet baby boy into their family. (With quite possibly the proudest big brother and big sister, ever). <3

These sessions are always so special to me. To see the joy and love radiating from parents, family,'s like no other... That beautiful baby they have been awaiting, growing, and loving for the nine months, is here. And so loved.

Welcome to the family, little Rowe! <3


Rowe's Film

William {11 days new} | Watertown, SD Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

William | In-Home Newborn Session

Big brother Harrison was one of my first newborn sessions 4 years ago. And omgeeee I am so thankful this family continued to come back to me for sessions after that, lol! (Thank goodness for progress, right)!? Heheh!

That first newborn session was held in their home as well. However, at the time I didn't have a clue about lighting (I thought I did), but dang it I sure tried my best! So after that I vowed to never do another in-home session (for real-I am confessing!), because the unpredictable lighting scared the s*** out of me.

So instead I went on to photograph newborns for the next four years in my own little space. I continued to learn about lighting and wrapping and posing. But a lot changes from year to year, and I continue to grow as an artist (in more than just the technical aspect - the emotional side as well). So late last year I decided it was time to start doing in-home sessions again. It was time to follow my heart. I'm no longer scared of unpredictable light or space (I love the challenge) and absolutely love the intimacy of in-home sessions. I love being able to photograph a baby and family in a place that is so special to them. It's comfortable and relaxed and completely unique to you and your family.

So here's baby Will... pure perfection, surrounded by so much love.

Ain't nothing sweeter <3 

xo, Amber