Gannon {2 years} | Watertown, SD Child Photographer

Gannon | Child Session

Well, just like that my baby boy turned two this month. So cliche' I know, but the time just goes so. darn. FAST! Just yesterday he was a sweet 7lb 2oz newborn, coming home from the hospital in his crimson red stocking cap and penguin onesie, I swear.

But no...that was TWO YEARS ago... He's now a goofy, loveable, beautiful, stubborn, no-sleeping, crazy-busy-get-into-everything, troublemaking toddler! He makes every day feel like a marathon, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

The frost we had the last couple days was absolutely gorgeous, and the most perfect start to Winter! It was chilly, so we weren't out long, but he spent just about the whole time eating snow :) Yum!