Liam {1 day new} | Watertown, SD Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer

Liam | Fresh 48 Hospital Session

So, I have been dying to do one of these sessions for a really long time now (a lifestyle, documentary approach to newborn photography - yes please)!  But being an RN in OB at the hospital, and having varying schedules/shifts, I've always worried about the logistics of it and being able to guarantee I'd be available when baby arrived.. but, it did work out this past week, and I loved it! <3

I get to whiteness the birth of these little miracles daily as a nurse, and that's something amazing in of itself. But getting to be behind the camera to capture these new moments in the day or two to follow....parents bonding with their new baby, siblings meeting their new brother/sister for the first time... well, that's pretty priceless, too. 

So, meet Liam, my first little hospital model. Isn't he gorgeous?! There is something so incredibly precious about capturing a newborn in their first day or two of life. They will never look the same again - ever. Even days later...they change SO quickly during those first few days. And those little details, you just don't want to forget.