Jordy {8 days new} | Watertown, SD Newborn Photographer

Jordy | Newborn Session

Meet sweet little Jordy. He came into this world a couple weeks earlier than expected, but is just as perfect as can be!

Being a "Walder" and all, this little guy is extra special ;) It was so great to meet him and welcome another sweet boy to the family! His big brother is pretty proud of him, too. I love to see the bond between brothers. My own three boys fight at times, sure, but they always have a buddy to play with, run with, roughhouse with, and just plain wear out some energy with! Buds for life! It will be fun to see these two grow up together, too <3

So here is a little peak into Jordy's session. He loved being on his back, and loved to be held or wrapped with his fee all snuggled up on his chest <3 You can tell this must have been his comfort position in mama's tummy :)