Gabe {12 months} | Watertown, SD Child & Family Photographer

Gabe | 1 year & Family Session

This sweet little man turned O-N-E last month! I love doing baby's first year plans - not only because you get to watch them grow physically, but it's fun to see their personality grow, too.

Gabe is such a fun-loving, happy guy. Full of smiles. He also still has that same amazing hair he did as a newborn (the boys totally get the best hair and lashes - always)!

We tried for a little mini outdoor session first - it was MUCH colder than forecasted, and a bit windy as well. However, he didn't seem bothered all too much. And what's cool about this location, is that it's basically right in their backyard (And mine. Yep! We get some new neighbors soon)! You can actually see their house being built in one of the photos :)

He had a little cake-smash session indoors. He wasn't super sure what to think, but he kind of liked it (for at least a little bit) :) I love to watch the progression of cake smash sessions - so cute!

Happy 1st birthday Gabe!