Robbie {6 months} | Watertown, SD Baby & Child Photographer

Robbie | Baby Milestone Session

6 months is my favorite. Have I mentioned that!? ;) 

But seriously. Six months is. the. best. They are so into everything - exploring their environment, looking around, pushing up, rolling over, sitting up (sometimes). And they have so much personality that seems to come out more and more by the day. Still babies, but turning more and more into the little person they are becoming. 

Okay, maybe I am rambling a little. But six months is a lot of fun (and soon becomes a lot more work!). This little guy will be very mobile before long. He's just the sweetest, too. It was a bit chilly outside (although he didn't seem to mind so much), so we did a little mix of outdoor/indoor photos. And he just had to show off his amazing checkered outfit and suspenders. I die! <3

Enjoy little Robbie!