Jude {2 days} | Watertown, SD Fresh 48 Photographer

Jude | Fresh 48 Session

Oh my goodness.... I cannot believe I am just blogging this now, as it was nearly THREE months ago. And that means this little gem is almost 3 months old! This summer has gone crazy fast...

But, here he is... little Jude Rowan, oh so sweet and new, in his Fresh 48 session! I know I've said this before, but these are literally my FAVORITE sessions. They are relaxed, unposed, natural, and just perfect... they capture the raw beauty of a fresh brand new baby, and the glowing, excited, so proud, so in LOVE, family. 

I love to capture these moments. And being an OB nurse as well, there are many times in the delivery room when I just want to grab a camera and start snapping photos (is that weird)?... but  those moments, those memories...so fleeting, but so very important. A baby changes SO much in the first few days of life. The newness changes quickly... the head, little toes, peely skin, everything... and those are moments you don't want to forget. Whether it is a Fresh 48 session, or snapshots on your iPhone - capture it.

Jude's session was absolutely perfect. I met this mama for coffee a few months before Jude's birth (also a photographer - Bejeweled Photography <3 , so naturally, we just "get" each other, heheh). Such a warm, kind person. She is going to be the best mama to this little boy. <3 And big brother... he was not quite feelin' the photo session that day, but you can't tell from the photos. He wanted to hold his hand and love on him (and push him up and down in the hall, of course) :)

So sorry I am posting this late, but it had to be shared... and for the family, since he is nearly 3 months already, let this take you back to those first couple days, when he was still itty bitty. :) 

Enjoy little Jude and his family <3