Greuloch Family | Lake City, SD Family Photographer

I got an email about 6 months back from another Click Pro (photographer), from Cleveland. I wasn't familiar with her at the time (how was I not!?!), but she said she would be in South Dakota a couple months later visiting her parents and was looking for a photographer to capture her family while she was there. I, of course, was very excited about it! We talked a few times prior to the session, but as it drew near I became super nervous. There is just something about photographing other photographers (and crazy awesome ones at that!) that makes me a little nervous... always. What if I didn't do a good job!? 

Well, the day came, and I took the 1.5 hour trip from Watertown up to Lake City (gooooooorgeous drive, btw - any locals if you get a chance to go up that way, you totally should)! I pulled in to the driveway of her parent's home and was instantly greeted by the most warm, welcoming sweet face. Immediately all (ok, most), of my nerves were put to ease. The whole family was so warm and welcoming! They took me on a tour of their gorgeous lake property (while Virginia pointed out the areas with the best light ;) of course) and told some stories of it's history.

We talked. We laughed. We ran around. We waded in the lake... (or at least I did)! We talked and laughed some more. If you have not met this girl, you are missing out. She has the most CONTAGIOUS smile, ever (which you will see below). And she could put anyone to ease in an instant. And her family is just as amazing and sweet as she is! For reals, ya'll. 

Virginia, I came in thinking I was meeting a stranger, but really met a friend. <3  Thank you for allowing me to document you and your beautiful, loving family!

(And I hope you will be able to do the same for me next summer ;) Heheh!)

Enjoy the Greuloch/Hall Family <3