Gannon {3 years} | Watertown, SD Child Photographer

Talking With Snowmen

About every January, when the weather is frigid, things are slow, and we've been inside for days on end, I decide I need a little creative push and pull out my Sweet 35 Lensbaby. I've had it for about 3-4 years now, but have never used it long enough to get really good at it. Literally, I'll use it for a day or two, get completely frustrated, and move on to one of my comfortable lenses in my bag. 

There is definitely a learning curve with a Lensbaby... not just manual focus, but actually getting your focus where you want in the frame. So yesterday I decided to give it more than 10 minutes and really play with it.

Gannon spotted the snowmen in our yard when we got home from town yesterday and insisted on going outside to "pay wi sowmen"! It was too cold for the snow to stick, so we couldn't build another one. So we opted to dress them in hats and scarves instead. He stood there and talked to them, and kissed and hugged them. <3

Last few images taken with my 135L lens.

I can not believe how much this guy has grown in the last year!!! Here is a post from some two year photos of him last year around this time. Same coat ;) It's pretty short and snug, now, haha!


And make sure you make it to the end of this post to see the short film I put together!


And below is a film I put together, celebrating just G & his life at 3 years old <3
These are the memories I hope to cherish for a lifetime. His sweet little voice, his giggle, his run, his little goofy quirks that make him the amazing little man that he is.