24 Frames. A Filming Project: January - Slow Motion


Just about 10 months ago now, I gave birth to a baby girl. She is our fourth child and beautifully completes our family. With each child we have had, I tend to look back on things I wish I would have done in those early days. With the first two it was taking better photos of them, so I learned how to use my camera (thus igniting my passion for photography). Well, shortly before our daughter Haddie was born, I decided I wanted to learn more about video. It was always this mysterious function on my camera I had never looked into - it just seemed so overwhelming!

Well, I never did get a chance to learn video prior to her birth, but once she was born I was determined to learn. I wanted to capture those early moments - not only in single frames, but in motion. The cooing and babbles, first time giggling, crawling and walking. All those little details that pass by in the blink of an eye and become only memories all too soon. I take a million videos on my iPhone, but that's as far as they go. How do I get them off my phone? What do I do with them? Do I put them all together? What do I save them to? How do I make it all more meaningful and accessible to look back on one day?

So yes, did I say determined to learn? Well, with the chaos of now being a mom to a newborn, and three more kids 6 & under, the opportunity to really learn didn't come up too often. I took a few clips here and there, but still didn't know what to do with them. I wasn't sure if I should still use auto focus or be manual focusing (what!? who can manual focus!?)... ;) I made a couple short films from my "playing" between July & September, but the more I did, the more I realized how much I didn't know. Funny how that works, right?

So then I came across Courtney Holmes (Courtney Holmes Films and Photos), and my heart about exploded! Her work is what I dream of creating for my family and my clients. It's real, authentic, honest & just completely beautiful. So I signed up for her next available 'Filming Life' class, and I have since created a handful of films that make my heart so incredibly full. I am so forever thankful for that <3

So in order to really push myself and continue to create and improve my skills, I joined together with a group of like-minded women & photographers who were looking for the exact same thing. In that, "24 Frames. A Filming Project" was born! It is a monthly filming project, each month having a different theme. We push and support each other during the process. This is only our first month, but I am already blow away by their talent and each woman's unique take on it <3

Below is my film for January - the theme was slow motion <3

Please follow the blog circle to see what the other girls have to share for the month. Next up is Celeste! Not only an absolutely amazing photographer, but her film blew me away as well. <3 Her beautiful use of light paired with the perfect music really set the mood and made me fall in love with it immediately!