24 Frames. A Filming Project: August/September

It has been awhile since our last installment in this project. Summer and Fall get quite busy and this gets put on the back burner. But I wanted to make sure I made time to do this - it's just so important to me. So I have combined August ("Vacation") & September's ("On A Walk") themes into one film, as I think this is fitting for both.

This footage was captured during our trip to Minnesota in August. We make it up to my mom & stepdad's cabin in International Falls each summer and spend some time on Rainy Lake, just playing on the beach. It's so incredibly beautiful and relaxing...we miss it already! I'm so happy I have these memories captured not only for myself, but for the kids as well... to look back on for years to come. Drew has already asked to watch it 100 times, smiling and talking about that week through the whole thing. Just that shows me exactly why I do this. <3

Please follow the blog circle and see what the other girls have to share for this month! Next up is Tasha and her sweet girl.