Haddie {10 months} | Watertown, SD Baby Photographer

Haddie | Baby Milestone Session

Hello sweet little love of mine. You are 10 months old! How is that possible? You are 18 lbs of pure cuteness...petite but tall. You say "Da-Da" and "uh-oh". You look at me with a sweet smirk on your face when we ask you to say "ma-ma", but then you continue to say da-da, as if you know it's driving me crazy! I tell your Dad I think it's payback because the boys all said "ma-ma", first. ;)

You love to boogie to music. You have the best smile! You have three teeth and are about to cut two more. You tolerate the teeth well, but you have recently become a drooling machine... soaking bib after bib and leaving a trail on the floor behind you as you crawl.

You love to be right in the middle of all the action (chaos and all), and you get very upset if you are left out. You adore your brother Grady, but cringe when Gannon gets near you (he's not very nice to you, is he? it's that mix of jealousy and love he has for you).

You are a crazy fast crawler and just learned to pull to stand this last week. A day later you also learned how to climb the stairs! You are a non-stop mover and love to get into only things you should not have (outlets, iPhone chargers, the fireplace...you know, all the fun stuff, obviously)! 

You love food, and want to nab absolutely everything from our hands that we try to eat. You don't really seem to have a favorite - you will pack it all in, no question. You hate sleep, waking at least hourly during the night for some comfort, love and reassurance, and I am starting to wonder if there will ever be a day we know what "well-rested" means again. But we sure do love you to pieces anyway... <3

Here's some of my favorites from our quick monthly photoshoot. You wouldn't even know looking at these that Gannon was jumping back and forth in the background, trying to tear down the paper, hit you in the head with a necklace, and distract both of us in any way possible. ;)

Love you sweet girl!  <