The Larson Family | Watertown, SD Family Photographer

The Larson Family Film & Photos 

Before a film session, I send out a questionnaire, asking about the family, their home, things that they love or are important to them. It helps me tell a stronger and more meaningful story. Reading through this family's questionnaire, I knew I would love them. And I did. ;-)

Our session took place at their gorgeous farm home. I followed them around for a couple of hours, documenting a typical Saturday morning for their family - Kids getting up. Getting dressed. A hot cup of coffee. Baby Reagan's nap time. Play-doh and dance parties with Quinn. Riding the Ranger with Dad. Chores in the barn. The new tractor... All those little things that seems so everyday, but what you make beautiful memories of and put a smile on your face every day.

One day, 20 years from now, little Quinn is going to say "Remember when Dad and I use to ride the Ranger out the the barn to feed the cows?" (Or something of the sort... ;)) And she will be able to look back and see that.

Mom and Dad will look back at this years down the road and remember their girls so small. Their sweet little voices and smiles. And these little girls will look back at this years down the road and see themselves laughing and playing with their mom and dad. Now how cool is that!? 

Enjoy a Saturday morning with the Larson Family. <3