24 Frames. A Filming Project: March - Video Portrait

It's Month THREE of our 24 Frames Filming Project! <3 This month's theme was Video Portrait. I think it would have been much easier with an older subject that can stand/sit still, and I had initially planned to use my oldest boy, but with April being Autism Awareness month, I thought it'd be a great time to highlight this sweet boy. He's quirky, serious but goofy, and so beautiful. He's my always looking out the window, socks off, 5 little monkeys, daydreaming boy. And I love him to pieces. 

I have to say, committing to one film a month sounded much easier initially, but goodness it's been harder than anticipated. The films are quite time consuming to put together, but 1000% worth it! After filming this one, I uploaded the footage and was a little disappointed with what I had (not much). I contemplated re-shooting the whole thing. But I gave it a go anyway and worked with what I had... When I finished, I had tears streaming down my face as I watched it back. It's so simple, and maybe even a little weird, but it's so him. Right now in this moment. And I can forever look back at those soulful eyes and melt-me smile. And that makes this everything to me. <3

Please follow the circle to see what some of the others have to share in our group! Next up is the uber-talented Lisa