24 Frames. A Filming Project: February - Get in the Frame

Well month two of our 24 Frames project is a wrap! February's theme was "Get in the Frame". We all know how hard this is to do as photographers - we are always the ones behind the camera. However, this year I have been making a point of being in a few photos myself. A reminder to my children someday that their mother really was there, too. So this was taking it a little farther, by getting in the frame in video as well! Although this film is mostly centered around my daughter, I have some moments that I will forever treasure looking back on them.

When thinking what to film, I try to think of things (big or small) I don't want to forget. Haddie is at the age where she is still changing SO quickly, there are so many things I don't want to forget each day! These are a few things that were big for her in February:

Napping in her room for the first time.

Actually spending time in and playing in her room.

Her hammer, which has become her "lovie" this month. She was introduced to it with some new toys she found in her room at the beginning of the month, and now four months later it still exists as her absolute favorite item. She sleeps with is, crawls with it, beats her brother with it... ;)

Her kicking/bucking her little legs each time she gets picked up from the crib.

Nursing. Always nursing. Still a favorite of hers. Knowing she is our last child, I will always treasure those quiet sweet moments with her (even when she's grabbing/poking my face or hitting me with her hammer).

Anyway... here's to month two! <3 

Please see what some of the other girls have to share this month as well! Next up is Erica, who has some awesome carpool karaoke to share :) So fun!

** Due to our large group size, our blog circle is split into two groups, and switches up each month. To see all of the films, please see our IG page for the 1 minute condensed versions :) 24frames_project