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Miss Cora Dee!

I got to meet this sweet babe at just two days old! She showed up a few weeks early & very very fast (to no surprise of her mama) ;) Working as a labor and delivery nurse as well, I am always so interested in hearing other woman's birth stories. It was absolutely amazing to me how similar little Cora's birth was to her 2-year-old brother Cash's. They were even just once ounce apart in weight (am I right, Sara?)!

Cora is the tiniest little peanut, but the most beautiful baby with her full head of dark brown hair! And seeing the love this family has for her is just amazing (she has daddy wrapped around her finger already)! :)  It is such an honor to capture this special time in their life, not only in photos, but video as well. To capture that tininess, those itty bitty feet and hands, and to see the interaction between them all as a family (and especially big brother)...truly priceless.

Enjoy Cora & the Kannas family. <3