Drew {6 years} | Watertown, SD Child Photographer

Drew | Child Session


Six. SIX!

What is it about that number? Why does it feel SO much older than five? I think it's because 1st grade comes next, and that seems SO much older than Kindergarten. Or maybe it's because 6 is no longer followed by a "T" on clothing tags...you're now into the S/M/L sizes and basically have to shop in a whole new department. Lets face it - six is older. It's bigger. It just is.

A year ago I was having a hard time imagining a Kindergartener. I wasn't sure how Kindergarten would work for him - the hours between school and ABA, getting to and from school on a different bus, being in such a large class - full inclusion with the neurotypical children... 

What if he pushed a kid on the playground, or had meltdowns and screamed in the hallway?

Letting go was hard. It really was... but holy crap, what was I thinking?!? School has been so good for him. Between school and ABA therapy each day, he has quite the routine and does amazing with both. He has grown more this last year than I could have ever imagined. His speech has grown tremendously. He is becoming more independent in so many areas. He even learned to ride his bike the week before his birthday! That was pretty darn awesome. There have been so many little (but huge) accomplishments to celebrate over this last year. So six, if you are anything like five, bring it on! :) 

Smart. Curious. Gentle. Polite. Sneaky. Stubborn. Persistent. Beautiful. Loving.

Also, he is losing teeth left and right these days. And this is by far my favorite smile, ever. Heart melting. <3


Also, a short video portrait film I made of him the end of March.