Ramsey {9 months} | Watertown, SD Baby Photographer

Ramsey | Baby Plan Milestone Session


Is it possible that this girl gets cuter and cuter each session? Yep, I am pretty sure she does. 

Her big blue eyes kill me... but that HAIR - Ah-mazing! My oldest had hair like that as a baby - the kind that stands up just perfectly no matter what - and we were just talking about it this morning actually... giggling about how awesome his baby photos were! And now, 7 years later, it's so nice and thick (while the rest of us have fine thin hair). So mama, this may be a sign she will have a thick gorgeous head of hair as she grows up. ;) I'd love to know what color it's going to end up, too, as it's getting blonder by the day!

Okay, anyway... enough about hair... enjoy these 9 month photos of beautiful miss Ramsey! <3