24 Frames. A Filming Project: May - Lensbaby

So, this month was tough. REALLY tough. I mean not just the technical stuff, but the life in general stuff. I was really looking forward to this month's theme - Freelensing or Lensbaby. I wanted to use this month as an opportunity to learn one or both. I have had a lensbaby for years, but have never put the time into learning how to use it. And freelensing I've tried just a handful of times, but again, never pushed myself to really learn the art. So, I had big ambitions... but it didn't happen

Life happened.

So with kids, and trips, and sessions, and traveling, and chaos... I didn't have the time I had hoped to put into this month's project. Before I knew it, May had come and gone. But, I didn't want to skip it completely... because I think even doing something (even if it's not something I'm crazy proud of), is still a learning opportunity. 

So, my husband and I packed up our kids today and headed to the city pool as we had planned...and I threw in my camera!

It was crazy busy (and windy), but I managed to avoid catastrophe and my camera survived. :) I was able to get a few short clips here and there. And although it wasn't what I had initially envisioned for this project, I am so very happy to have these moments. <3

And because I'm extra crazy, I filmed for about 5 minutes last evening as well. I didn't get much footage (Haddie and Jon were both crabby) ;) LOL. I wanted some b-roll footage as well as some different angles which I didn't have a chance to get. I was going to throw it completely, but decided to see what I could do with it. So I made a second film this morning.

I've wanted to capture Haddie walking for quite some time. The beginning is hard to get on camera because you are close and always there to catch them or pick them up when they fall. But it doesn't take long before they really start moving. And this in-between wobbly stage is the absolute cutest to me! Next week she will be running. So for now, I'm happy to have these sweet moments of her.


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