Clara {10 days new} | Watertown, SD Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Clara | Lifestyle Newborn Session

4 1/2 years ago I booked a newborn session - my very FIRST paid session as Amber Walder Photography. I was ecstatic! I hadn't intended to specialize in newborns (I actually had no clue what I wanted to photograph at the time), but I was excited and willing to try anything and everything.

I went into that newborn session not knowing what to expect. I grabbed a couple small props, some backdrop blankets, a little Pinterest inspiration and headed out to their house. Now, I'm not going to go into how the details about how that went, lol (about as good as you can expect for your first newborn session ever, I suppose - I'll let you picture the rest). ;) But nonetheless, it launched a love for newborn photography I never expected to have. 

Throughout the years since that very first day, I have grown and changed as an artist. I have found a style and niche I absolutely love. Newborns & families will forever have my heart. And bringing those two things together are what really make my heart sing.

A couple weeks ago the Wight family invited me into their home to capture their new, beautiful baby girl - Clara. I was able to capture their family as a brand new party of five. The adorable dynamic of a newborn with two big brothers. The adoring love of parents admiring their first baby girl. Her beautiful nursery. Those big blue eyes and tiny little toes.

THIS is how I want to capture you and your loved ones. 

Together, in the comfort of your home, with the ones you love most. 

Natural, honest, real moments.


Enjoy miss Clara & her family! <3