The Burns Family | Seattle, WA Family Photographer

The Burns Family

Mama and I go way back… as in way I mean fresh new-grad nurses at our first job. Night shift L&D on a crazy busy unit just north of Seattle. I’m not sure how long we worked together before we became friends…but dang it she’s one of the best. I DO remember house hunting at the same time - turns out we end up buying houses two doors from each other :)

She became a best… the one I called when my water broke with my first baby at midnight… the one I called at 2am to come over and make sure I was “actually” in labor before I went to deliver my second baby… because oh my gosh how embarrassing would that be - a labor nurse that doesn’t know if she’s in labor :p And the one who came in with me and clocked in at 3am to be my nurse until I delivered (because we were short staffed once again). The one who listened to all my babbling when I was concerned my son had austim at only 4-6 months old (he did)… From that, to standing by her side in her wedding, to crying with me my last night there before moving back to South Dakota.

Now she’s a mama herself… and even though I make it back every year or so to visit. I have missed so much. It was so fun to connect again annnnnnnd have the honor of capturing her with her beautiful babies!!! <3 I’m also not sure we could have possibly asked for a more perfect night!

I should also mention… I was terrified to photograph them… like so much pressure, right? Maybe even more so than photographing other photographers. I hate to let people down, ya know? But I had never photographed at this location, didn’t know what to expect for light, had no lens hood (who am I kidding, I never have a lens hood), and no stool… so filtering the strong light & focusing was tough. But regardless, I’m pretty damn excited about this session.

Love you to the moon, Burns family.