Haddie | South Dakota Child Photographer

Dear Haddie,

You are not even 3 yet and already seem like a 13 year old to me. You are all the things and have all the emotions, at 100% all the time. You have the most tender, empathetic, loving heart…but yet just the right amount of sass (that I have to admit, worries me a bit ;) You love hard and play hard. You keep up with your brothers like it’s your job and you don’t like to be left out - of anything. You don’t like to be told you’re too little or too small. You continually prove us wrong - because yes, yes you can do it too. ;)

You talk non-stop. You tell amazing stories and sing songs all day. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a two year old vocabulary quite like yours. You tell me stories of things that happened yesterday or last week, in full detail. You use words like “fantastic, disgusting, and amazing” appropriately.

And I have to admit, I use to think nurture had more to do with girls being girly-girls or tomboys, than nature. But I will be the first to admit I was so wrong. Although your mama loves all things girly, too, it’s all you baby girl. The dresses, the makeup, the baby dolls… You want to “do makeups” every morning. You take care of your baby dolls and mommy them better than I could mommy any of you. You call them sweetheart and beautiful and tenderly pat their back. And although you may love your jammies the most, pretty twirly dresses come in a close second. You glowingly look at yourself in the mirror and yell “mama, can I spin”?

Keep spinning baby girl. Dance and sing like no one is watching, ‘til your heart is content. And keep putting your whole heart into everything you do.

Love you, sweet girl.