Abbey + Nyla: A Mommy & Me Moving Portrait

Abbey + Nyla | Watertown, SD Photographer & Filmmaker

Moments In Motion Workshop | May, 2019

Oh goodness… I’m not even sure quite where to begin…

When Ashely Buckley (Ashely Buckley Photography) contacted me a few months back about possibly teaching a local workshop on filmmaking, I could not say no. Teaching has always been a huge passion of mine, and to be able to do an in person workshop has always been a dream… to be able to be there, be hands on, ask questions in real time, essentially pour my heart out with like-minded, insanely talented women… but the logistics of it were always a little daunting. I never knew where to start so held myself back.

But Ashely offered up hosting at her studio and we decided to give it a go. And here we are!

This last weekend was one of the most memorable ever for me. And I am so incredibly honored to have six amazing, talented, beautiful ladies join me! I know the options for photography education these days are absolutely endless… so having them invest in me is not taken lightly. I appreciate them so much and hope I was able to help give them the the tools to make their future in filmmaking seem like a real attainable dream. <3

So, we sipped coffee and mimosas (with extra pulp! teheheh!), munched on amazing food, talked about the photography industry, discussed our journeys, and talked filmmaking until they everyone was overwhelmed - but happily overwhelmed I hope! ;)

We also got to spend our afternoon hanging out with these two amazing models! They were an absolute dream - and Miss Nyla stole the show and our hearts. <3

I hope there will be more to come in the future, but for now, this weekend with these ladies holds a special place in my heart.



Models: Abbey & Nyla

Toddler Dress: Reclamation

Mama’s Dress: Cora & Violet

Hair & Makeup: Torianne Cowell

Final Film

And a few photos from our model session!

And some behind the scenes!

… I have to say, I was absolutely terrible at taking photos throughout the day. I got a couple iPhone snaps and that’s it. I was so bummed I didn’t take time to capture more - we didn’t even get a group photo! :( But, Chelbi had my back and captured a few of these behind the scenes :) Thanks girl!!