Colter James {2 days new} | South Dakota Newborn Photographer & Filmmaker

Colter James | Fresh 48 Film + Photo Session

Just over two years ago I was meeting this family for the first time at the hospital to document baby Cora’s arrival. I can truly not believe that it has been two years already!!!

This mama and I were chatting at their session, and she had mentioned she still watches Cora’s film from time to time and it still brings tears to her eyes every single time.. I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but this time truly is fleeting.. and so important to document. As my oldest boy’s birthday is coming up tomorrow, I think back to the last DECADE (omgosh - I’m getting old too, lol!) he’s been in our life… and I really wish I’d have captured more moments like this.

But onward and upward, to celebrating the here and now - whatever stage that may be! Every single stage and age is worth documenting, remembering, cherishing.. <3

So here is sweet baby Colter, being smothered in love and kisses by his whole fam! xoxo

Welcoming Colter James | Fresh 48 Film

And some images from his session… <3