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But, What Do I Wear?

So, you booked a session (woot)! But suddenly panic sets in - WHAT DO WE WEAR!? …And the hunt for the perfect wardrobe begins.

There are so many decisions when preparing outfits for your session - What colors work best together? Does this look okay with these? Are there too many patterns? Not enough patterns? Too much color? Not enough color? Do these shoes match? But what if it’s cold? What if it’s hot? What about accessories? I don’t have time to shop!! …What’s the best place to order from? Gosh I hope this fits! Does this look okay?

The list goes on…

If you are anything like me, one (or all) of those thoughts have crossed your mind a time or two when preparing for your session. Or maybe it’s the week of the photo shoot and you are still trying to do last minute shopping but are continuously second guessing yourself (also, me). ;) Even though it has got easier over the years, I still spend a lot of time contemplating “what to wear”.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard! And that’s why I’m here - because I want to help you. I want to help make the styling process as easy as possible! So if you are looking for styling assistance, I offer an online styling service to all of my clients. It’s extremely easy (and fun) to use - you fill out a short questionnaire for the style of clothing you are looking for (i.e. whimsey, boho, traditional, etc), the color palate you are most interested in, and the size/gender of each person in your family you are styling. It automatically populates a variety of outfits that photograph beautifully and coordinate well! You are able to scroll through and select items that best fit your style. And best of all, you can purchase items directly from that link (from stores all over the board - Old Navy and Target, to many beautiful and unique online boutiques, Free People and SO much more). So no matter your budget - there is something for you. Alternatively, you may also use the items that populate simply as inspiration. Often times you may already have something similar in style or color that would work very well.

I have subscribed to this service for over a year now - but only recently have my clients begun to use it. And I promise, it really does make a difference in the look and feel of your photos! <3


The family below used this service both for purchasing items as well as inspiration for finishing the rest of their look!

We messaged back and forth a few times - ideas, colors, styles, and mixing and matching. I made a few collages of what certain items would look like together, and ultimately this is what was chosen (and what she said felt “most like us”)!

The boys’ shirts and little girl’s dress was purchased directly online, and the lace romper was suggested online but found and purchased locally (which I love)! Mama found a dress to match from another online boutique (similar in style to what had been recommended). And finally the hat, shoes, and shorts were all items they either had on hand or found locally!

“It was addicting! I loved choosing different color schemes and themes to see what else I could come up with. I also loved that I was able to snap photos of what I already had at home to add to the collage. If I had access to it, I would use it to put together every day outfits for the kids - it was that easy and fun to work with!” - Breanna

Here are a few photos from their session - I couldn’t love this more!!

Aside from the online styling service, I also have a Pinterest board with clothing inspiration, as well as a whole “what to wear” section in the session prep guide (all of this is emailed to you upon booking)! Lastly, I am always happy to give input or suggestions if you send me photos :) -whatever I can do to make the process a bit easier and less stressful for you!

Please feel free to comment or reach out with any questions! I’m happy to help! :)