Rowe {2 days new} | Watertown, SD Fresh 48 Newborn & Family Photographer & Filmmaker

Rowe | Hospital Film + Photo Session

Just a few weeks ago, this beautiful family welcomed a sweet baby boy into their family. (With quite possibly the proudest big brother and big sister, ever). <3

These sessions are always so special to me. To see the joy and love radiating from parents, family,'s like no other... That beautiful baby they have been awaiting, growing, and loving for the nine months, is here. And so loved.

Welcome to the family, little Rowe! <3


Rowe's Film

William {11 days new} | Watertown, SD Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

William | In-Home Newborn Session

Big brother Harrison was one of my first newborn sessions 4 years ago. And omgeeee I am so thankful this family continued to come back to me for sessions after that, lol! (Thank goodness for progress, right)!? Heheh!

That first newborn session was held in their home as well. However, at the time I didn't have a clue about lighting (I thought I did), but dang it I sure tried my best! So after that I vowed to never do another in-home session (for real-I am confessing!), because the unpredictable lighting scared the s*** out of me.

So instead I went on to photograph newborns for the next four years in my own little space. I continued to learn about lighting and wrapping and posing. But a lot changes from year to year, and I continue to grow as an artist (in more than just the technical aspect - the emotional side as well). So late last year I decided it was time to start doing in-home sessions again. It was time to follow my heart. I'm no longer scared of unpredictable light or space (I love the challenge) and absolutely love the intimacy of in-home sessions. I love being able to photograph a baby and family in a place that is so special to them. It's comfortable and relaxed and completely unique to you and your family.

So here's baby Will... pure perfection, surrounded by so much love.

Ain't nothing sweeter <3 

xo, Amber

Me & Her | Watertown, SD Family Photographer

A Mommy & Me Film

Just me and her (Part I).

Not our 'typical' everyday, but us nonetheless. Something I hope she can look back on one day,  when I'm long gone...


I want her to remember me, remember us.

I want her to know it's ok to dress up in pretty dresses just for fun.

I want her to remember (and see)! how much joy she gave me, and continues to every single day.

I want her  remember how we danced. Every night. Every day.


Who wouldn't want this with their child? Their mother?

I would.

The days are long, but the years truly are short. 
My baby girl went to bed tonight for the last time as a one year old! We love her so!!! 

xo, Amber

Abby {Maternity} | Watertown, SD Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

Abby | In-Home Maternity Session

I met this beautiful family almost exactly four years ago as they were welcoming their first child into the world. A week later I had the honor of photographing that sweet little boy's newborn session. 

Over the last four years their family has grown and we've had many sessions together, from newborn to milestones, to family & even a family film. But finally on baby number 3 I was able to talk mama into a maternity session. :) And I have to say, it may be one of my favorites to date!


Over the years, I've heard many reason's why some women don't want a maternity session...

I don't feel cute.

I'm huge!

I just feel "yuck".

What will I do with them?

What's the point? We will want new photos in a few weeks when the baby is born.


So here's the thing. I've been there myself. Four times. I have felt all. those. things...

I didn't feel cute in the least. I was tired. Uncomfortable. Huge. The actual thought of going through a maternity session was daunting. But I did them. I made myself. And I'm so glad I did. I look back at those images now and they put a big smile on my face. I do not look at them and remember how big or uncomfortable I felt at that time. I remember how amazing it was carrying that baby that I'd longed for for so long. And each one was a reminder of that stage in our life.

My husband and I like to look back and reminisce "remember when it was just the three of us"? (or or four, or five). Remember how different life was and how it changes in an instant?


The thing is, every stage of live deserves to be documented -- whether your family is just beginning, continually growing, or complete. They are life changing memories and moments to be looked back on and treasured.


So mamas, wherever you are in life right now...however you feel...document now. You will be happy you did.


xo, Amber




And a few weeks later.... <3

Welcome baby William!


Gannon {4 years} | Watertown, SD Child & Family Photographer

A Frosty Morning | Gannon age 4


Gannon... just saying his name makes me giggle.

He is the most kind-hearted, silly, goofy, quirky kid... with the absolute best smile that melts my heart every single time.

He's always goes 100%. When he's calm, he's really calm. When he's wild, he's really wild. He's a cuddler - absolutely loves to snuggle. He's also incredibly stubborn. SOOOOO relentlessly stubborn! If he doesn't want to do something - he won't, no matter what. He does not give in to bribes and always does life on his own terms. He's laid back. Maybe too laid back. He's the child that will ultimately give us the most grey hairs as he goes through school. But he is so so smart... although he doesn't want you to know that. ;)

And... thankfully, there's still that sense of adventure in him. He's always been my one child up for adventures with mama & I love that. <3


Here's a few photos from our day out in the frost last month. There's also a short one-minute film at the end! :)


And a short one minute film I put together as well. This was for my group project: 24 Frames. A Filming Project. January's theme was Video Portrait.

(To see more from this group project, check out #24frames_project on IG)! 


And if you want to take a walk down memory lane, here are Gannon's last two years blog posts:

3 years old 

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