Me & Her | Watertown, SD Family Photographer

A Mommy & Me Film

Just me and her (Part I).

Not our 'typical' everyday, but us nonetheless. Something I hope she can look back on one day,  when I'm long gone...


I want her to remember me, remember us.

I want her to know it's ok to dress up in pretty dresses just for fun.

I want her to remember (and see)! how much joy she gave me, and continues to every single day.

I want her  remember how we danced. Every night. Every day.


Who wouldn't want this with their child? Their mother?

I would.

The days are long, but the years truly are short. 
My baby girl went to bed tonight for the last time as a one year old! We love her so!!! 

xo, Amber

Gannon {4 years} | Watertown, SD Child & Family Photographer

A Frosty Morning | Gannon age 4


Gannon... just saying his name makes me giggle.

He is the most kind-hearted, silly, goofy, quirky kid... with the absolute best smile that melts my heart every single time.

He's always goes 100%. When he's calm, he's really calm. When he's wild, he's really wild. He's a cuddler - absolutely loves to snuggle. He's also incredibly stubborn. SOOOOO relentlessly stubborn! If he doesn't want to do something - he won't, no matter what. He does not give in to bribes and always does life on his own terms. He's laid back. Maybe too laid back. He's the child that will ultimately give us the most grey hairs as he goes through school. But he is so so smart... although he doesn't want you to know that. ;)

And... thankfully, there's still that sense of adventure in him. He's always been my one child up for adventures with mama & I love that. <3


Here's a few photos from our day out in the frost last month. There's also a short one-minute film at the end! :)


And a short one minute film I put together as well. This was for my group project: 24 Frames. A Filming Project. January's theme was Video Portrait.

(To see more from this group project, check out #24frames_project on IG)! 


And if you want to take a walk down memory lane, here are Gannon's last two years blog posts:

3 years old 

2 years old

24 Frames. A Filming Project: December

Wow, I cannot believe a whole year has already passed since starting this project!

I honestly had no idea what to expect when this thought crossed my mind 12 months ago... What I did know is that I wanted to learn more about filming, push myself to practice more, and capture priceless memories in motion of my family. What I didn't know was how time consuming it would all be how much I'd stress over it because of the pressure I put on myself to hold up this "promise", to both myself and our group. But regardless...I pushed on. I missed a couple months, we all did, life happens... but. we. pushed. on. And in the end, I have about 9 short films and a whole lot of beautiful memories to hold on to.

So, was it hard? Yup.

Was it worth it?

Hell. Yes.

Am I going to do it again this year?


So thank you for watching. And a HUGE thank you to the amazing ladies in my 24 Frames group who stuck with me and encouraged myself and everyone else along the way. I am SO excited to continue on with this group project for another year, and so excited to welcome some new faces as well :D

So anyway, here's December's film. "The Morning after Christmas"

I waited until the last minute to get footage for this month. The entire family was hit with the stomach flu the first two weeks of December, so by the time we were all on the mend again the craziness of Christmas hit. I took this just after Christmas. I wanted to capture the kids playing with their new toys from Santa. So much joy, excitement and wonder in them - I always say, Christmas was fun as a child, but I think even more so as a parent getting to see it through the eyes of your children.

So, probably pretty ordinary to an outsider, but these are the things I see as a mom...

Haddie's little voice and words - she speaks well beyond her young age.

Her "mommy"-ing her babies. She literally picks up absolutely everything she sees and hears - cleaning, picking up after herself, repeating phrases (appropriately), follows directions...takes care of her babies and her real family.

Gannon's "blue jammies" he will not let me take off - ever. Don't you dare try to get him dressed! ;)

Drew's robe he's lived in and obsessed over for months (looks like a little Hugh Hef) ;)

Grady and his basketball and football trading cards - the ultimate gift & his most prized positions.

The day we finally got snow but it was too cold to play outside.

The sight of Haddie's neck two weeks after surgery #2... but how amazing she is doing despite everything.

Gannon's love for Legos. So many legos...

And lastly, Drew trying to get Alexa to play sponge-bob squarepants all day... if you saw my Facebook post awhile back you'd understand the tears, frustration, and ultimate triumph and joy that came from this... His words and speech has come SO far. I am so proud of him daily.

Again, someone who doesn't know us may not see these things... but this short 1.5 minutes of a morning means the absolute world to me.

Because all of this I could never capture in a photo.

And that's my why.


Bring on 2018!


24 Frames. A Filming Project.

IG @24frames_project #24frames_project

24 Frames. A Filming Project: August/September

It has been awhile since our last installment in this project. Summer and Fall get quite busy and this gets put on the back burner. But I wanted to make sure I made time to do this - it's just so important to me. So I have combined August ("Vacation") & September's ("On A Walk") themes into one film, as I think this is fitting for both.

This footage was captured during our trip to Minnesota in August. We make it up to my mom & stepdad's cabin in International Falls each summer and spend some time on Rainy Lake, just playing on the beach. It's so incredibly beautiful and relaxing...we miss it already! I'm so happy I have these memories captured not only for myself, but for the kids as well... to look back on for years to come. Drew has already asked to watch it 100 times, smiling and talking about that week through the whole thing. Just that shows me exactly why I do this. <3

Please follow the blog circle and see what the other girls have to share for this month! Next up is Tasha and her sweet girl. 

24 Frames. A Filming Project: May - Lensbaby

So, this month was tough. REALLY tough. I mean not just the technical stuff, but the life in general stuff. I was really looking forward to this month's theme - Freelensing or Lensbaby. I wanted to use this month as an opportunity to learn one or both. I have had a lensbaby for years, but have never put the time into learning how to use it. And freelensing I've tried just a handful of times, but again, never pushed myself to really learn the art. So, I had big ambitions... but it didn't happen

Life happened.

So with kids, and trips, and sessions, and traveling, and chaos... I didn't have the time I had hoped to put into this month's project. Before I knew it, May had come and gone. But, I didn't want to skip it completely... because I think even doing something (even if it's not something I'm crazy proud of), is still a learning opportunity. 

So, my husband and I packed up our kids today and headed to the city pool as we had planned...and I threw in my camera!

It was crazy busy (and windy), but I managed to avoid catastrophe and my camera survived. :) I was able to get a few short clips here and there. And although it wasn't what I had initially envisioned for this project, I am so very happy to have these moments. <3

And because I'm extra crazy, I filmed for about 5 minutes last evening as well. I didn't get much footage (Haddie and Jon were both crabby) ;) LOL. I wanted some b-roll footage as well as some different angles which I didn't have a chance to get. I was going to throw it completely, but decided to see what I could do with it. So I made a second film this morning.

I've wanted to capture Haddie walking for quite some time. The beginning is hard to get on camera because you are close and always there to catch them or pick them up when they fall. But it doesn't take long before they really start moving. And this in-between wobbly stage is the absolute cutest to me! Next week she will be running. So for now, I'm happy to have these sweet moments of her.


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