Hi! Congratulations on booking your Fresh 48 or Hospital Film + Photo session!

These are undoubtably my absolute favorite sessions, ever. There is nothing that can compare to that brand new, fresh smell, sweet love of a newborn baby.

Sure, you are exhausted after the marathon you just went through, but I promise promise promise you will never regret these moments captured.

Your baby will never be this small again. They will never have the same look, same smell, same tiny toes and peely skin that they do in those first couple days. Their fingers will never wrap around yours quite the same. No one will look at each other with quite the same sparkle in their eye as those FIRST few days. The anticipation has been there for months (maybe years), and the high from those feelings is new, fresh, and needs to be captured.

So thank you for choosing me to document this fleeting time in your life. I hope you look back on these moments many years down the road with a warm smile on your face as you are taken back to this day in time. <3



Within the first 48 hours of birth, prior to discharge.

Sessions are held on Day 1 or Day 2 (depending on my schedule and what time of day you deliver) at either 10am or 1pm. I choose these times to allow for adequate natural (window) light, as well as trying to steer clear of the busiest time for doctors/nurses as I do not want to interfere with their time.



Immediate family - mom, dad, newborn, and sibling(s). Grandparents are also welcome if you choose. 

Please have only those that will be in the photos present during the session. The rooms are tiny & guests can be a distraction for everyone during the session. Unless you want them in the photos, I kindly ask that they wait in the waiting room during that time. If you are expecting guests or are afraid guests may show up unannounced, your nurse will be able to intercept visitors for you or put a sign on your door as a heads up to check with them prior to coming in. 



If this is not your first child, you are well aware of the craziness of a toddler in a tiny hospital room. :) They want to look at everything, see everything, play with the fridge, play in the bathroom, jump on the couch, run down the hall, eat lots of snacks...essentially everything but check out their new sibling. And then once they've been there a few hours they want to leave - tired, bored, etc. (lol, can you tell I have been watching this from a nurse standpoint long before the photographer standpoint)? Haha! So if you have a toddler in the 1-3 year old range, I'd say the best option is to have them arrive about 15 minutes prior to the session start time. That way they get a lot of those new and exciting things out of the way but at the same time haven't been there all day and are not yet at the restless, bored, need-to-get-out-of-there-now stage quite yet. :) But ultimately, you know your child best! Please do not stress if you have a different plan. Your session will be wonderful regardless!



MOST IMPORTANT - Please let me know as soon as possible when baby arrives!

I know you have a million things on your mind, so I most definitely don't mean within the first 5 minutes ;) but the sooner the better as this is so important for scheduling. Within the first 2-4 hours of birth is preferred - a quick text, FB message or email is just fine. Or, if you know you are going in to be induced or have a scheduled c-section, please let me know ahead of time. I realize things can always change, and that's just fine, too! :)



For baby

(I do not bring wraps or props of my own for these sessions).

These sessions are meant to be as natural as possible. Showing baby and their "fresh" newness :) I will do some diaper-only shots capturing their hands, toes, wrinkles, creases and fuzz.

Aside from that I will often use the hospital swaddle blankets and hats. Those are things that are often quite memorable from this early time.

Alternatively, if you prefer your own swaddles/hats/outfits, or have anything special or personal you would like incorporated, that is just fine as well!

For parents/sibling(s):

Best answer? Anything you are comfortable in! I recommend neutral & natural, but I have had sessions where moms are in their hospital robe (amazing!), sessions when everyone has dressed up, and everything in between. These are your photos and I want you to feel like you (and comfortable). This is a hospital session, so don't feel like you have to be anyone but a parent in the hospital who just had a baby :) That's exactly what these photos are meant to show. You, your family, your precious new baby, and your love for each other.

My only advice in terms of wardrobe is things to stay away from :

Bright, flashy, or neon colors. They distract from baby and leave color casts on faces and skin.

Shirts with prints (i.e. shirt with large photo of sponge-bob squarepants (unless that's your thing, then by all means ;)

And shirts with large lettering on them. Again, distracts from baby.

Baseball caps.



This is an extremely relaxed session. I want you to feel comfortable. I also tend to follow baby's lead. If baby is fussy or needs consoling - please nurse and/or console! I will work around you and baby. 

I will take images with just baby, as well as baby/sibling(s), baby with each parent, family together & baby nursing if you are comfortable with that.




Baby is preterm or postdates:

I make sure to be available within two weeks prior to your due date and one week after. IF you happen to deliver before or after that time frame, chances are I will still be able to be there. If for some reason I am out of town (I don't book any hospital sessions during a month I plan to be out of town, so this is unlikely unless baby is very early) or other reasons not anticipated, you will have the option of an in-home newborn session at the closest available date, or I can attempt to find another photographer to fill in to shoot the session (and I would edit it to match my style).

Emergency on my end:

In the rare event of a family death, severe illness, etc and I am unable to be available during that two day window, the same would apply as above. However, if you prefer neither of those options I would in this circumstance offer a full refund.

Early Discharge:

If you choose to be discharged early... 

I unfortunately cannot guarantee I will be there in the first 24 hours, only within 48 hours (this may mean 6 hours old, or may be at 40 hours old). So if you choose to go home on early discharge, I cannot guarantee I will make it for the session. In this case you would forfeit your session retainer. So again, the more notice I have to arrange my schedule the better. If you would like me there on day one please let me know as soon as possible so I can do my absolute best to accommodate.

Transfer of Mom or Baby:

If (Heaven forbid), either mom or baby are transferred for medical reasons, I do not expect to be there. I would then offer an in-home lifestyle newborn session once everyone is home and well. Alternatively, if baby is in the NICU and stable, and the hospital allows visitors/photos, a NICU session would be another option. However, this is entirely dependent on your wishes, baby's condition, as well as the hospital's policies.



I am looking forward to our session together & cannot wait to meet your new little bundle! This is such a beautiful and magical time.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time with questions!


phone call/text: 425-501-5165