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 In Home Sessions

Maternity | Newborn | Family

Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of creating beautiful photos for your family! It is my hope that together we not only make awesome memories, but gorgeous, timeless images as well.

My style is a mix of portrait & lifestyle photography. I love capturing families playing, snuggling, being goofy, and just loving on each other. I will always do my best to get that one desired shot of everyone looking and smiling at me, but will

for the most part encourage you all to interact with, play with, and love on each other.

Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yourself and your family.

I look forward to meeting with you all!




Prepping for your Session



In Home sessions are scheduled either mid-morning or early afternoon (approx 10am or 1pm). The time of your session will greatly depend on the lighting in your home. Lighting has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your images, so shooting at the most optimal time with the best light will help me create the best photos for you and your family.


Walk Through

When I arrive, I will take a quick walk through your home to get a feel for lighting and ideas. I make sure to check out the main areas of your home - generally the ones you spend the most time in - living room, master bedroom, nursery/child’s room, and sometimes kitchen. If there is a particular area in your home that is special to you, please let me know! I’d like to make this as personal and special to your family as I can.



It is so important that everyone being photographed is feeling 100%. There isn’t anything worse than an unhappy and sick child - they especially do not want to be in front of a camera. And I really mean it when I say it - this is suppose to be a fun experience.

At the first sign that your kids aren’t well, please give me a call.


Prepping Kiddos

Preparing your kids for our session as much as possible beforehand often takes some of the the timidness out of it. Please make sure they know that this is FUN! Try to avoid “you better behave” comments as they usually bring about added stress/anxiety. And if you are stressed or anxious, your kids pick up on that, too. My goal isn’t to get a picture of your child just “being good”, but actually having fun and interacting! :) Some kids who have been coached to smile for the photographer get so nervous that they are fighting laughing and relaxing because they are so worried about making their parents happy. Instead, I’m am a huge fan of bribery (i.e. treat after!). However, please try to avoid bribing during the shoot. They tend to end up being a distraction and can end up causing more tears. Once they are seen, they are hard to get back out of the photo.



Tidying up

Please keep in mind, your house does not have to be immaculate to have an indoor session. It’s your home and it’s perfectly fine to look lived it! Do not stress about scrubbing floors, dusting, etc. I don’t care about any of that. What you can do to help make the most of your session is just tidy up. Picking up clutter is the biggest thing, keeping counters and tables in mind - stray toys, papers, cords, etc. These little things help remove distractions from photos so all eyes are on you!


Session Time

In home family sessions generally run around 45 min to an hour, while newborn sessions run around an hour and a half to two hours. What I love about in home sessions, is that children/siblings generally feel much more relaxed in their own environment. They are often excited to show a new person around their home, show them their room/toys, etc. It’s quite laid back and stress free.



(Uh hmmmm) Moms, I’m speaking to you. ;) Is your husband feeling less than thrilled about your upcoming photo shoot? Let him know that the shoot will be relatively painless and to just try to focus on having an hour to snuggle with the kids, hold your hand and just savor the moment!


Please keep in mind - this is just a guide. These are just things I’ve picked up on along the way to help things run smoothly and allow

you get the most out of your session. However, only you know your family best :)

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Any questions? Please reach out! I’m happy to help!

For more info, see the ‘What to Wear’ guide below!






James Vincent Design Co (@ShopJames on IG) - Newborn to 5T

Cora & Violet (babies - 6mo-2/3T)



What to Wear

Favorite Shops



Free People

Forever 21


(a search for "flowy dresses" or "maxi dresses"

usually comes up with great & inexpensive results)



Cora & Violet

Alice & Ames



Jamie Kay

Lacey Lane

Gap Kids




Style & Select

I would love to help you! If you are still feeling unsure about wardrobe, I subscribe to this amazing online service - Style & Select - which I highly recommend using!

From beginning to end, I want to make this photo experience as stress-free as possible for my clients. Simply go to and use code: nsnro78p to begin styling your entire family from the comfort of your couch. No more running from store to store. No more guessing! There is a simple Style Questionnaire to fill out about your family - color scheme you are looking for and the vibe or style of clothes you would like to see. The quick results page will show you photo-approved clothing items for each family member which you can view them side-by-side once you have favorited your pieces. Feel free to play around with it until you have selected the perfect outfit combo! Click the email button to send yourself the selected items or purchase the items directly by clicking the shopping cart buttons.

Super easy right?

Alternatively, for mamas and little kids I do have a selection of items in my client wardrobe you are welcome to take a peek at & borrow!

Or lastly, click HERE for access to my Pinterest board for some more inspiration!