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I guess you could say my passion for photography started back in high school…pre digital-camera days. I loved shooting, and spending hours in the dark room developing the images. However, after high school I went on to pursue a nursing and never thought twice about photography again for a very long time. Once I started having children, that quickly changed. I purchased a nice camera to help document our life, but why couldn’t I take nice pictures with it? I felt like something was lacking, and I needed to know more! So a friend and I decided to take a local park and rec class together - ‘Intro to Digital Photography’. From the moment I picked up my camera again and flipped that little switch to manual mode, my life was forever changed - I was hooked! I instantly found passion in something I forgot existed. I became obsessed, to say the least. So I set out to learn as much as I could, as quickly as I could. My babies were growing up much too quickly already, and I needed to capture those moments! And soon, what I never intended to be more than a hobby quickly grew into a business. And as much as I love all things photography and business, I love teaching even more. I want to share my setbacks and triumphs with you. The highs and lows. Wherever you are in your journey, I want to help you reach your goals!

So that’s what I’m here for - YOU. Whatever it is that you desire to learn, I want to help you. I’m an open book.


Online Mentoring 

Online session via Facetime or Skype

These sessions are tailored to what you’d like to learn/focus on.

Business ~ Marketing ~ Styling ~ Editing ~ Portfolio Review

1 hour session | $325

Additional per/hr - $150


In Person Mentoring 

This is a full day, tailored to suit your personal needs!



Business Talk, Marketing, Portfolio Review - what do you need to learn/discuss?

Session Prep, Styling, Posing, Shooting

Lunch or Dinner after (depending on time of day of shoot).

Editing Post Session

8 hr Day | $1200


Note: This is not only for professional photographers in business. If you are a beginner photographer & want to discuss basics, this can be for you, too! We can chat camera basics & shooting in manual mode. If you are a hobbiest, you are probably not interested in business chit-chat, but this is for you, too! Instead, do you want to learn to capture your own children better? Lets head out on an adventure with them, or cozy up in your home and learn how to utilize the space and light in your home. Or how to shoot and edit to achieve your vision!

*Mentoring not available if you live/work within 90 miles of 57201 (Watertown, SD).


Does this sound like it’s for you? What questions do you have for me? I’d love to hear from you!

Just click below to get in touch with any questions or to schedule your mentoring session today.