How does your pricing work?


All sessions are all-inclusive. What this means is, there is one set fee, which covers the session itself + full gallery of edited high resolution images w/printing rights. The amount of images included in your gallery varies per sessions, but can be anywhere from 25-75+ (family sessions tend to have the most photos).

There is a non-refundable session retainer due upfront to book. However, this retainer is applied towards the total session price. The remaining balance is due by the date of scheduled session (unless specified otherwise).


How long are your typical sessions?


This can vary a bit depending on the type of session, but generally anything involving children is no more than 45 minutes (1 hour max). That’s usually as long as they will tolerate and I’d rather end the session on a fun, happy note than push them and turn it into an unpleasant experience. For families with older children, session may run anywhere from 60-90 minutes (or until we run out of light).

Newborn sessions are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the needs/temperament of your baby, nursing/feeding breaks, etc.


Help! What do I wear?


I go through this in more depth in the client welcome guide (sent after booking), but I can help as much or as little as you’d like with wardrobe! All clients will have access to a complimentary online styling website - with just a few questions it can customize outfits for the whole family based on the color palate/style you are going for. You can then use this simply for inspiration only, or you can purchase outfits directly through the online links provided. Seriously - you can shop without even leaving your couch! It’s amazing! Alternatively, I also have a Pinterest board with inspiration, as well as a client closet full of dresses for moms and a large array of rompers/outfits for babies 6-18 mo old. Ask me questions. Text me photos. I’m happy to help! I want to make this aspect of your session as stress free as possible!


What should I bring to our session?


Just yourselves! I bring a large blanket to family sessions, but aside from that am prop-free. If there is anything really special you want to incorporate into your session please feel free to bring it along!


What time of day do you hold sessions?


In order to capture the most beautiful light, outdoor sessions are held 1-1.5 hours prior to sunset. I use sunrise-sunset.org to track sunset based on the time of year & will use this to schedule your session start time.

In-home or studio sessions are held either early morning or mid-afternoon for best lighting.

Studio sessions are held weekdays only. Sunset sessions are held both weekdays and weekends depending on availability.


How long does it take to get my photos back?


My typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for photos sessions and 3-5 weeks for film + photo sessions.


Do you travel?


Yes! I love to travel! Travel within 45 miles is included in all sessions. Travel within 100 miles is included for in-home, family films, or hospital sessions.

For anything beyond this, I charge $50/hr one-way. If more than 4 hours one way, I would also request overnight accommodations (or flight/travel/lodging if beyond driving distance).


Extended families - how does that work?


Extended families include anyone beyond Mom, Dad & immediate children. Grandparents/aunts/uncles/sister’s family/etc. fall into the extended family category. Additional family members are charged $25/person on top of the base family session fee.


A Year in Review Film for Baby Package. What is this!?


This is the ultimate keepsake of your wee-one’s first year! You are essentially adding on video to each session of your baby’s first year package. Once the year is complete, I will put the footage together to craft a beautiful 3-4 minute short film to professionally licensed music. This is a wonderful way to truly capture the essence of your sweet babe during that first year when they are growing and changing so quickly! <3


Do you offer mentoring?


Yes!! Either in person or online mentoring is available. Please click HERE for more information, or click the connect tab above to get in touch!

I will also be launching an in-person workshop May 2019 as well! Stay tuned :)

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